Cultural Diplomacy described as a course of actions, which are based on and utilize the exchange of ideas, values, traditions and other aspects of culture or identity, whether to strengthen relationships, enhance socio-cultural cooperation, promote national interests and beyond; Cultural diplomacy can be practiced by either the public sector, private sector or civil society

In an increasingly globalized, interdependent world, in which the proliferation of mass communication technology ensures we all have greater access to each other than ever before, cultural diplomacy is critical to fostering peace & stability throughout the world. Explorers, travelers, traders, teachers and artists can be all considered living examples of “informal ambassadors” or early “cultural diplomats”. Indeed, any person who interacts with different cultures, (currently or in the past), facilitates a form of cultural exchange, which can take place in fields such as art, sports, literature, music, science, business & economy and beyond.


Anatolia Intercultural Organization’s projects creates opportunities for Istanbul, national and international audiences to learn about other cultures through the eyes of visual and performing artists.

“Animates cultural awareness  by promoting public multicultural events “
“All exhibitions  and events  are reflect important aspects of Turkish and international culture” 

Intercultural workshops  ;  knowing different culture values, beliefs, customs, languages and traditions”

National Day Celebrations ; These festivities feature a country’s cultural offerings while celebrating its heritage through displays, performances, and
culinary presentations

  • Intercultural Festival ; national and international audiences to learn about other cultures through the eyes of visual and performing artists.
  • International Children Club Activities
  • International Partner Charity Activities



“Knowing  traditional arts and musics via on web site “
“ Having more information about how to learn traditional arts,quick brief information to helps individuals who wants to get private lesson”
“Having more information about Academic Life in Turkey”
“Connect to Turkish academicians all around the world”

–Traditional Turkish Art
–Colors of Notes

  • International Folk Music
  • International Folk Dance


–International  Academic Experience         

  • Foreign Academicians in Turkey
  • Turkish Academicians Around the World
  • Turkish Lessons Around the World


-Travel Adventure Stories
-International  Culinary  Art




The octangular star which is a basic figür of Seljuk Civilization and art is an important symbol.Ever edge of this star has a different spirutal meaning. 8 principles of the Seljukian star keep living through this meaning design.

* Mercy,

* Compassion,

* Patience,

* Truthfulness,

* Secrecy,

*  Loyalty,

* Generosity,

* Giving thanks to God

Angels of Anatolia is an organization that help any helpless family , children ,elderly people and animals.Seljukian Star ‘s all these exclusive  meanings has inspired us creating all Angels of Anatolia  projects.